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Monday, March 26, 2012

Training in any form is difficult. If you are just beginning or if you've been doing it for years. But they rarely seem to mention the nasty stuff that goes on. So I made you a list of things i've noticed while training throughout the years.

First on the list. Prepare to do a lot, with sweaty workout clothes and a mountain of socks that arise in the middle of your room. If you're training every day you're going to go through a lot of clothes. And unless you have the keys to LuLu Lemon you have to wash them!!

On a side note for swim suits the maintenance is different. Washing your suits will destroy the shape and they wear out quick enough as it is, this article is really helpful in keeping your suits (both work out and bikini) in shape 

You should be drinking lots of water, like lots of it, to the point where its annoying and you are building arm muscle carrying around your Nalgene. Drinking all that water is going to help with your skin.

But invest in a good cleanser. After your glorious post-work out shower, scrub that extra layer of grime and sweat off your face. Especially us city girls running around all that car exhaust. Make sure you moisturize to, if you're getting that tight skin feeling your body will start making extra oil and cause a breakout.

If you shave/wax your "down there" make sure you aren't doing it right before a work out. The sweat and rubbing of your clothes will cause in-grown hairs and those are mighty painful. Shave/wax after a work out, wear loose pants (yoga pants or a skirt) instead of super tight jeans and then try not to workout for at least 12 hours. Plan to shave/wax on your resting/recovery days.

... those were just things I noticed today, I'll due a part two. I had a whole list in my head in the shower. I swear all my greatest ideas happen in the shower. 

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