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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Oh hey remember the millions of things you need to do before the semester ends" - My incredibly annoying brain. Does your's scroll through your to do list constantly changing the priority of things? Mine does and working out normal gets bumped right to the bottom. BOOM two weeks of no training. My rationalization "i had projects" "its too cold" "school is more important"

Shut up and go!

Getting back on track with my workouts. Started looking around for fun things to do and found http://www.ruggedmaniac.com/ and http://thecolorrun.com/ (now in New England :D) both 5ks.

I figure they're good testing grounds for time and both fun. I dragged my friends into signing up with me and a few agreed to train with me all summer for my half in sept. Work out buddies are great the keep you on track because there is the extra layer of motivation that you have to workout better/harder than you are. (que mulan song montage "we are men!")

Fun, fun, fun. If you arent having fun working out (at least aren't hating your life every single second you are working) then you arent going to keep doing it. The internet is filled with thousands of work outs. Try a few out till you find something you like, change it up when things are getting boring. However you need to stick to a certain workout for a while before you will see improvement of any kind.

Also dont be afraid to look silly!!! I know I had a huge problem with this, but no one is going to judge you for working out when you are more sweaty and running circles around them.