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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today will be a good day

Alarm Clock 9am, out the door at 9:20 back by 9:40

Ran a breezy and sunny two miles this morning. I forgot how awkward it is to run outside, everyone stares at you. My face gets red and white and i look like death but "If you look pretty afterwards you did it wrong"

My roommates were totally encouraging when I came back huffing and puffing! One of them has been experimenting with Iced Coffee brewing, less acid so it doesn't upset your stomach so much. I must say it was the best possible reward (disregarding donuts which I should cut out of my diet) after my run.

This is an awesome blog! But also were my roommate took the iced coffee idea. I suggest you try it!!

I use skim milk and honey instead of sugar!! Sugar is a mood killer and using honey as a sweetener is a fantastic alternative and doesn't kill your post-workout high!

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