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Monday, March 26, 2012

New Shoes

To run that only thing you need is shoes, a sports bar and some shorts. A billowing, fat covering tshirt if you are me. So generally running is a low maintenance sport but having good shoes is a VERY important step. When I did high school track the coaches said new shoes every six months or 500 miles. Now for distance runner 500 miles comes a lot faster then six months and really dedicated runners buy new shoes every three. But I cant afford that so I tend to stick to the six month rule.

Back when my darling parents supported my track efforts they bought my shoes and I had Mizuno shoes. But now that I have to purchase my own its a different story. Groupon Goods is where I got my new pair. A cheerfully bright yellow and blue combo from Puma. I've never used Puma shoes before and are a little worried that they may not be what i need for serious training. They have a stigma about being more stylish then efficient. But at they're low price I can afford to try them, and if they dont work they I have great new walking shoes.

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