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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shin Splints

Hi, I am a runner and I suffer from shin splints. Why because I dont stretch often enough and forget to build the right muscles.

My workout today suffered due to my shin splints. They pained me for the first mile and then I had to stop and switch to an elliptical. I went to see a friend majoring in Physical Therapy (PT) and she laughed and laughed. Said that shin splints are the most common "injuries" and one of the most preventable.

She directed me to this site, which breaks down the stretches you are supposed to do as well as offer a ton of information regarding sports injuries. So silly looking stretches it is!!

My PT friend said "Never forget the importance of stretching, it doesn't matter how far you can run if you can't limberly seduce your way out of a bed."

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  1. Icing works, but I would do it for 20 minutes on, 30 minutes off x3 each day (Check this site how to do icing: http://www.healthandremedies.org/2-powerful-ways-to-relieve-shin-pain-fast/). Try massaging the area as much as you like, take ibuprofen as it is a NSAID.

    And, honestly, I would go to a specialist and see why this is happening to you. It could be a simple and quick solution like wrapping up your foot before meets for now.

    Adding in more exercises to increase leg strength will probably also help you in the long run.